Secure Bicycle Storage

What are Pedalpods?

Pedalpods are unique wedge-shaped lockers where bicycles can be stored more securely, under cover and out of sight from thieves and vandals.

They can accommodate helmets, rain gear, clothing, backpcksad other items.

Pedalpods can be used just about anywhere!

bicycle rider
pedalpod at ski-lodge
bicycle storage at home
cyclist in front of pedalpod


  • Resorts, Hotels, Hostels
  • Condominiums, Apartments
  • Universities, Colleges, Schools, Dormitories
  • Transit Stations, Bus Stops, Park & Ride
  • Arenas, Tennis Clubs, Swimming Pools
  • Parks, Beaches, Marinas
  • Libraries, Hospitals, Care Centres, Offices
  • Fast Food Outlets, Restaurants
  • Theatres, Shopping Malls
  • Fairs, Special Events
  • Parking Lots, Construction Sites
  • Hiking Trails, Fitness Centres, Golf Clubs


Your piece of mind at a race

On a race, you have many things to worry about. Secure storage of your bike shouldn't be one of them...

workplace bicycle storage
Workplace stow-away

If you are lucky enough to be able to cycle to work, you need a place to safely store you mode of transport.

“Thanks to PedalPod I don’t have to worry about my precious bike anymore.”


How Pedalpods are different!

Technical data

Cluster Dimensions

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Lobby Your Workplace For Better Bicycle Security

Satisfaction Guaranteed – We know you will love your PedalPod® Bicycle Lockers.